Dr Stefan Janković (Belgrade, 1987) gained BA, MA and PhD degrees in Sociology from the Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade, where he currently works as an assistant professor. Also, he is a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture at the same university. He was awarded with Dr Zoran Đinđić prize for best graduate, master or magisterial thesis in philosophy and sociology for his MA thesis Cultural Production and Urban Space: An Example of Sociogenesis of New York Graffiti. In 2015, he stayed at the Department of Historical Sociology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. As of 2018 he has been appointed Field Director in Serbia’s European Social Survey National Team. Parallel to being engaged in he authored numerous articles and book chapters numerous national and international research projects, as well as coediting one book, Towards Understanding of Contemporary Migration. Causes, Consequences, Policies, Reflections. His research interests and expertise span from social ontology, epistemological challenges in contemporary social sciences, over spatial and urban sociology, all the way to social practices and mundane life.

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